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Bloated, Gassy, Nauseous, Hypoglycemic- Don't Eat?

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Hey all I've been struggling with this for a long time and have been living without gluten, dairy, peanuts, most grains and watching for cc to the best of my ability. Now I'll try going without soy again and definitely cut out fructose/honey (very bad shooting pains which never happened before) until I can be absolutely sure they aren't causing harm.

But there are still phases where things seem to build up in my stomach and just keeps continuing rather than going away like it should. For the last few weeks I've been feeling pretty lousy, tired, the stomach symptoms listed above and with very frequent sweaty hot flashes (male). I'm not diagnosed diabetic but still felt like I needed to keep my blood sugar and weight up by having lots of low fiber sugary snacks like the usual gluten free snack bars (KIND, Lara Bars, Tropical Organics, Clandestino) and started to add sticky rice to my diet. But they didn't seem to help much and one of my questions is if snacks outside of full balanced meals really help stabilize energy. It's not really clear if they actually create the sugar roller coaster since they will be sugars combined with fat & protein like doctor's suggest but I definitely think they do. Of course it seems kinda obvious but I'm trying to stay as detached & rational like a scientist as possible because I still haven't gotten my stomach to "normal" in years.

I've noticed going through the crash before sometimes actually really helps but I've been trying to cut at the root of the problem all together. Yesterday I had lunch then went out to mess around town before work & ended up fooling around too much and went to work without getting another lunch/early dinner in (DAMMIT!!). Of course I crashed and in general felt lousy at times. Then I came home so tired that I just went straight to bed. This morning I actually felt much much better and actually ate breakfast because of hunger rather than feeling dizzy/weak which seems like my new hunger indicator. My stomach was far less painful & bloated and all the lumps seemed to move lower in my intestines & also feel less feverish.

Not that I plan doing that again very often if at all but I just wonder if trying to avoid the crash over & over is the worst choice. For awhile I was eating more fibrous carbs like baby potatoes (seem to go down easier) and quinoa but that ended up causing too much pain & even drowsiness too. My normal meals have a decent amount of fat protein & veggies just not enough starch anymore. It's really hard to win.

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