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Candida And All Who Have On Going Problems

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I don't actively read the board but I do come by to post on this topic occasionally.

Nearly every single post I've seen on this forum in regards to problems with Celiac's I've had at one point in time or another. The big ones were:

Neuropathy - anything from shaking hands/burning/cold, etc



Brain fog

Memory issues


Severe to moderate arthritic pain

2 years go I realized that so much of this was related to yeast/Candida. Attacking the Candida with diet changes and supplements fixed the coldsores (first to go and easiest to fix), the hypoglycemia, and most of the neuropathy issues. Sore joints and all that went away too.

The brain fog turned into anxiety at times. I started to notice the brain fog as it got worse always came with sinus pressure. Sometimes bad, sometimes moderate but always with pressure. On really bad days it would include memory issues, hard to concentrate, hard to remember.

I've been on a strict plan to manage Candida and I was winning most of the time but I still had this lingering issue. Went through a bunch of doctors till I finally found one who listened to me on the Candida issue.

I had been feeling great. I had a bunch of symptoms return but that was due to my high sugar intake, once I stopped that and went back on the Candida supplements it subsided, except the more frequent brain fog/anxiety.

There was a reason why the Candida continued to be an issue. Low stomach acid was part of it. I've been on antacids for years. I cut them in 1/2 and within week things improved dramatically. I was creating an environment for the candida to grow.

So after this entire program to rid myself of Candida once and for all I still had the lingering brain fog, concentration, anxiety issue.

He prescribed Diflucan, an anti-yeast, but in a nasal spray.

Been on it a week and an great improvement. The last place that yeast can be hiding, and probably has been hiding for years, is getting treated. He told me no pill or liquid med can kill yeast in the sinuses, especially the deeper you get.

I cannot tell you how many doctors I've relayed this info to and just kept getting sent away.

I personally believe that many of the problems that Celiac's have is not directly due to the Celiacs but it has created an environment where all this other stuff grows and causes issues. It got bad enough to the point at times where they starting mentioned Fibrmaligia (sp?).

It has been a long road to get here and most of that road was finding information. Had I been informed years ago I could have probably spend 2 months fixing this and been done with it.

I considered myself cured about 5 years ago but dietary habits and the hospitable environment(low stomach acid) caused it to creep back in. And it does creep back in, it's not like overnight your sick. There is a plateau it reaches but the lead up to that point is tough to pinpoint.

Our hope is now that the low stomach acid issue is gone that once I rid myself of it that it will stay away.

To summarize Candida infection caused most of my related issues. As I treated it and attacked it I got much better but it basically takes refuge in the sinuses. As soon as you stop doing most of the things to make it inhospitable to the rest of the body it creeps back from the sinuses to the rest of the body causing problems again.

Hopefully this is good info for those struggling to find the answer to their problems even though they've gone gluten-free.

A big part of the reason I feel that so many feel better, then feel worse is if you like your gluten based foods and you give them up what is the best comfort food to replace it with?

Sugar...which feeds Candida and other parasitic types.

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Great post! There are diets which fight candida and restore the balance of flora in the body, too. We do GAPS, which is based on the specific carbohydrate diet.

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I've tried all the diets too and had moderate success with them.

However I believe that for the majority of people those diets do not work. It is nothing wrong with the diet but lets me honest they are not the easiest to follow.

The hardest thing to do when your on a restricted diet is to restrict it even more. I've used Candex, Grapeseed Extract, etc....but eventually it came down to I needed to do something in conjunction with being able to eat somewhat normally.

Not a big fan of meds but when I found a doctor that actually treated the problem rather than the symptom it was easier to go on a modified diet for a short period of time.

I'm just finishing up a 8 week course of Nystatin, 2 15 day courses of Diflucan and am on day 6 of a 28 day of Diflucan spray.

No sugars, no alcohol, no fruit but still have rice/potatoes just not in larger quantities.

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