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Santa Fe New Mexico

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Does anyone have any suggestions for gluten free restaurants in Santa Fe, NM?



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I know there is an Olive Garden in Santa Fe. My husband, who has celiac disease, and I may be driving through (maybe staying the night) in Santa Fe. I contacted the following restaurants by e-mail, so hopefully, I'll get some answers. I contacted:


La Casa Sena

The Bull Ring

Cowgirl BBQ

Will also be contacting the Amavi restaurant shortly.

If you google Santa Fe Restaurants, you will get a very impressive list of restaurants as well.

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Response from La Casa Sena: "Yes we do and chef can always customize something for you as long as he knows."

Response from The Bull Ring: "Yes, we can work with you on gluten free items on the menu."

Response from Cowgirl BBQ: "We have many gluten free items on the menu. For those people that are very sensitive we sometimes have the problem of cross contamination on our flat top where we heat up both flour and corn tortillas. I am celiac as well and that doesn't bother me but it has bothered other celiacs. When you arrive, just ask for the gluten-free items of which we have many. Thanks for thinking of us."

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