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Help Please Result Confused

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I just came back from the doc and got my blood results. I only got copies - never saw him. I read the results and think it shows celiac but I am confused. I don't see my RA (who ordered the tests) until Nov.

Please wise people can you understand my results and let me know sooner then waiting until Nov.

Endomysial anitbodies - negative (no range)

gliadin ab IgA - 3 (range <20)

gliadin ab IgG - 67 A (range <20)

tTransglutaminase IgA - 6 (range <20)

Vit D - 93 (range 75-200)

Calcium - 2.40 (range 2.15-2.60)

Total Iron Binding Cap = 66 (range 45-63)

Iron Saturation - 0.33 (range 0.25-0.50)

I would so very much appreciate any insight. I know about false negs and think this is where I fall under. In the last 3 weeks I do feel a bit better and have a little less bloating.

Thank you!

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