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Fairy Dancer

Glutened By A Vegetable Stir Fry

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Not something you would think would have gluten in but apparently due to manufacturing its was not safe for those on a gluten free diet. Of course I found out too late...like after I had eaten it.

Just as I'm starting to feel better I seem to end up eating something I shouldn't by mistake..grrrrrrrr

Last time my body took offence to some fresh sweetcorn. Now its vegetable stir fry with no gluten in the actual ingredients (it was just vegetables) but because manufactures have to have wheat and its derivatives in the manufacturing process.

For cyring out loud! Manufacturers STOP using gluten in everything!

I am not a happy bunny. Gah.

Next time I will make my own from fresh vegetables!

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Maybe it's the soy. Take a deep breath and try to relax.

At first, for some of us, it seems like everthing you stick in your mouth makes you sick. Try eating things you didn't eat before, and try to mix things up so you aren't repeating food families and developing other food intolerances.

I swear it gets better. Sorry you are having a bad time, and hope you feel better soon!

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I cut my own veggies too because I'm sensitive to cc in a lot of products I've tried. It's strange to me how sensitive I am-- I get blisters from touching cc surfaces, and my hand goes numb if I kiss anyone who's eaten their stir fry with gluteny soy sauce.... And I'm pretty sure my husband is making my skin break out because of an iodine-containing shampoo. I got a stomachache after handling my old cookbooks. But with negative tests, how can I be this sensitive?

Anyhow, I really get it. Sometimes I get cc'd a few times in a short period and I want to scream and throw my hands in the air because I can't eat or touch anything in my home. Some vinyl gloves helped me regain some control but it's still so frustrating.

Hope you feel better soon. Don't forget lots of water to flush the icky gluten away!

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