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Gluten Free Diet In Asia

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I am traveling to Asia with a co-worker who requires a gluten free diet. We will be in China and Vietnam and I was wondering if there is anything special I should be on guard against. I travel to Asia on a regular basis but never had to be concerned about special dietary needs. My co-worker is very sensitive to gluten and I am concerned he doesn't eat something that will make him sick.

I would really appreciate any input that will help make this trip successful.

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I just saw your message, hope you are still checking back.

I would buy a small rice cooker and if possible take along a bag of gluten free rice. Baked potatoes and yams in the skin will be OK. Millet and buckwheat may be available. Disposable dishes/plates/eating utensils.

I you have some specific concerns just ask. I have a niece who has spent 2 summers in China and I'll ask her.

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