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Jordana Cosmetics

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hello all, i wanted to put up here my email from jordana cosmetics. i've had to change most of my regular products and this website has helped me with the majority of the research but this is one make up company i have not seen discussed yet. i hope this helps as it is sad news for me, it may prevent future glutening for others that are still looking for safe makeup at an affordable price. i purchased this lip gloss at walgreens and cvs over the years.

"Hello Rebeca!

At the end of this message you will find the list of ingredients in our #TC-01 Lipshine in Watermelon Punch. Jordana Cosmetics have not been specifically tested for gluten content, so we can not guarantee that any product we manufacture is gluten-free. Please note that this product contains a

At age 16 I said

"I love mac n' cheese sooo much I'm gonna die eating it!"

It's a good thing I have a sense of humor...

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