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Questions About Testing

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Guest nini

At my primary care Dr.s office, the only person I truly trust is his Physician's Assistant. IMHO She is way more up on current information and more willing to listen. Then she runs interference with the Dr. and gets his approval on stuff, but ultimately she and I have a much more effective partnership in my heath care. The main Dr. is good, but he's very busy. He doesn't take the time to sit down and listen, lets just treat symptoms and go from there kind of attitude... Ultimately it was me constantly hounding them that SOMETHING was really wrong, that got them to order all kinds of tests and then send me to a gastroenterologist that recognized celiac immediately...

I'm not giving up on Dr.s completely, nor would I recommend that others write them off completely. They can be useful, but like Kaiti said, too many people treat Dr.s as if they are Gods and know everything. They do not. They are not. nuff said.

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Doctors CAN be helpful but alot are there to help treat the symptoms and not really find out the underlying cause.

I know people like my grandma treat doctors as if they are God and know everything and this is what can lead to problems because doctors do not know everything.

Yes, they can help but knowledge is power so you should be informed to make sure the doctors not feeding a pile of crap to you.  There are some exceptions of good doctors though.

Many things that are complained of when going to the doctor are attributed to the things like depression or anxiety and if they can't figure out what it is after some testing they they say it's all in your head.

There are things that I have read that really just make me skeptical of them too. For instance, they can get paid alot of money for prescribing certain drugs to people, etc.

Am I ready to write doctors off? No of course not..they can be very helpful. I still go to the doctor when needed and for follow ups and really like my doctors. However, there are only a few doctors I can truly recommend out of all the doctors I have been to which is sad.

Just how many doctors out there listen? My bet would be not too many of them..think about it..they have patients coming in all the time and spend very little time with you to really know what is going on.

Alot of people on here know more about celiac then the majority of doctors. The doctors have the info. available to them but I don't really think they are up on it.

Well I'll quit my rambling..as you all can tell, I am not too trusting in them.


You are not rambling..lol

Makes perfect sense to me!

I am not writing off doctors either.

For a lot of years I would take my kids to doctors and just do whatever they

told me to do, without thinking..

I am sorry to say that I was a mom that gave my kids far too many antibotics

when they weren't really necessary.

Had I been more informed back then, I would have questioned the doctor.

What finally got me skeptical of doctors was when my pharmacist that was a good friend of mine, pointed out to me that I had been on antiobotics for a total of a year!!

He gave me some literature on it and from there I started to question the "wisdom" of the medical community.

I think that people DO think of doctors as "god" and I really have a problem with that.

One thing that has really helped me is when I realized that doctors take very little nutrition, if any, in med school.

With that in mind, remember that they are trained to diagnose AFTER the fact and treat only symptoms.

For underlying causes a person is best looking to one's diet and lifestyle changes...

NOW look who's rambling... LOL


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