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Heinz Bake Beans

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hello .. i wanted to ask a question about Heinz bake beans....Does it have gluten? i noticed corn starch in it..i thought that was a type of gluten?

also, i wanted to say, its been 9 months since i have tried to cut gluten out of my diet and i still have pains in my lower intestines...Im starting to think i create this by stress thinking im having a gluten attack? I noticed at nite time when im asleep i dont feel anything at all, but during the day the pain comes back...Somebody said i should do yoga and try to relax... its not easy after having these gluten attacks in the beginning days....am i losing my mind or have i created another problem for myself....I will mention i have learned about niteshades and have cut them out, except two days ago i ate some potatoes and felt sick again..:( please let me know if anyone has experienced this...thanks very much.....


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Where are you located? This is from there website

Heinz Beans in Tomato Sauce in the U.K. Australia Canada Poland - are gluten free. So it depends where you are.

You can get more info here


Corn starch is fine - its wheaten corn starch we can't eat. If you are in Australia they have to label all allergens on the back. So if anything contains gluten it has to be stated on there. Not sure about other countries though :)

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Surfer, I don't say this to be mean or to put you down, but if you've tried to be gluten free for 9 months and you still don't know that corn starch is OK for people with celiac, you really need to work harder at learning more about being gluten-free. Corn does have gluten, but not a kind that harms people with celiac. Same with rice for that matter.


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