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Gluten Free & On A Budget

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Hi im not sure if you are a member of living social or groupon but every so often they have spend $25 get $50 worth of food from glutenfreely.com. And there you could buy twice as much! Also idk if you have access to military bases but I know my commissary Has gluten free foods ad at almost half the price that you would find at a local grocery store!!

Also what I will do is make a big pot of rice and eat worth that for a week. You can do so much with rice!! And rice noodles, if you go to the oriental part of your grocery store you can find bug bags of Asian style rice noodles for like 3 dollars and there just as good as the gluten-free ones but a third of the price!!

Hope this helps!


Nice! I didn't know about the living social or the military base! I think there's a military base somewhere close(ish) by and if it's ever on the way I'm going to take advantage of my military ID while I still can! Thank you!

Also, whoever mentioned Aldis that is a good one! I get lots of chips, lunch meats by the pound, and meat sticks from there and they even have gluten free fruit snacks if you can find them! They come and go at the Aldis I shop at.

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