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Antibody Levels Fell After Seven Months

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One of my big questions when I learned about celiac disease was "How long will it take to improve?"

At this point, I still have a lot of symptoms, but I thought it was worth mentioning that after 7 months gluten-free, my tTG-IGA levels have fallen from 9X more than the positive marker to .5X of "positive", and my anti-gliadin IgA have fallen from 17X to about .5X the positive marker. So after initially testing extremely positive, not even a year later I'm testing in the negative range.

Part of why I'm excited about that is that I've tried to do it without going crazy about being gluten free. A lot of people advise never going out, and never eating something that you haven't cooked yourself. But I've been going over to friends and family and eating out. Often there will be a minor fight where I have to insist "No I really can't eat that", but basically I've been able to survive and improve without completely cutting myself off from the outside world. There have regularly been slip ups and I'll get sick, but overall it seems that I'm improving day to day.

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful success story! The same thing happened with me after being so super strict for five months. My results are now in the "negative" range when they were overwhelmingly positive which is huge for me as I could not tell whether I had been glutened or not all along. I never did feel ill from gluten.

It is fantastic knowing you are on the right track! :)

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