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Hey everyone! I went gluten free in May and have started to feel much better until about a week ago. I understand the good and bad days but my last few days have brought me back to the depression I had when I didnt know what was going on. Im not sure if it from CC or corn possibly but its really frustrating. I did have a colonoscopy a week ago and thought that may be why I wasnt feeling great but I didnt think that would last this long? Anybody have similar things happen to them? Is it common to have bigger setbacks?(I have had the good and bad days but my mental state seemed to be getting gradually better) but now my mental state brings me back to when I started and had major brain fog/depression/different state of mind. Is this common???

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It does sound like you may have been CC'd. If it started after you had the scope it is possible there was something in the prep that got you. I got glutened badly once by a prep, sorry I don't remember which one, but the next scope I got I called the company that made the prep (it was a different one) and they told me to leave the powdered flavoring out of the mix. That time I had no problems.

Setbacks are not uncommon. We all have them especially early on in the diet. Heck I have 9 years in and got glutened this week by some chips from a company I had never eaten the products of before. I should have called but.....

Hopefully you are going to be feeling better soon.

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