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It all started about three weeks ago. My 3 year old son woke up in the middle of tthe night throwing up. that morning he started having profuse diarrhea. We figured he had the stomach flu. he seemed lethargic that day and the next. But then on day three he seemed fine all day. We started giving him food again, and then at 1 am he woke up, vomited once and went back to sleep. He also had diarrhea one time in the am. This pattern continued and on day 5 we went to urgent care who said he had rotovirus. He hd not had a fever and i was uneasy so i took him to the ped the following day who also said he had a virus. We started the brat diet then, and we didn't have any more throwing up for two nights. then again he threw up once in the middle of the night. So we went back to the ped. At this point i started frekaing out htat he had cancer. i have a ten week old newborn as well and have been suffering from post partum anxiety. anyhow, they ordered a stool sample but told me it was a virus and sent us home. that night no vomit, but the next night he vomited again. The next mornning was saturday so we took him to urgent care, where they checked him out and ordered a chest xray to make sure he didn't have pnemonia just in case (he has had it before). there was nothing. they sent us ot the er for a cbc which was all normal besides a platelet count of 525. they did a head ct which was negative. we then went four days without puking, and he was taking prevacid during this time. his stools started to firm up. then on day four we had white stool. then on day five we started feeding him normally and he threw up at night and had diarrhea. took him back to the ped who was very nervous about the white poop and sent us for an abdominal ultrasound which was fine. we are now on day five of no throwing up. we go to the gi on thursday but i am curious if this could be a gluten sensitivity? i read that sometimes they set in after a virus. i am just puzzled that he only throws up at night and at almost the same time each night. i am exhausted bc i am so worried!

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How scary! It's so hard when the little ones are sick, especially when you also have a new baby! Hang in there, though. You are right to be taking him to the doctor and looking at all the possibilities. Of course you are exhausted and worried. I hope you have people in your community who can give you some hands on help right about now!!!

The Mayo clinic site says that white stool indicates the liver is not producing bile, or the flow of bile is obstructed. I don't know of this can be related to celiac or not. I've never heard of it before, though.

I think it makes sense to test for just about everything you and your doctors can think of. A celiac panel is worth doing while he is still eating gluten (false negatives are especially common if the person is not eating gluten) Once testing is carried out, it wouldn't hurt to try eliminating gluten and see if that helps.

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