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Hain Celestial Products

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I believe this is a change since I last saw anything about Hain here on celiac.com. It's new since I last spoke to them, anyhow.

According to two different representatives I contacted, if a product of theirs says 'gluten free' on it, they now test every batch of the product to below 10 ppm.

The brand names this would involve are:

Gluten Free Cafe (frozen meals)

Tropical source

Imagine: Natural Creations (soups, usually)

De Boles pasta

Hain Pure foods baking powder

Arrowhead Mills

Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Almond Dream.

Now, this is ONLY if the product states gluten free on the actual package. They have some products that don't list any gluten ingredients but do not have a gluten free label. These are not tested or considered gluten free by the company.

A couple examples:

-Arrowhead Mills puffed corn cereal: no gluten ingredients, but not considered gluten free.

-Imagine has chicken broth that is labeled gluten free, but their organic chicken stock is not labeled gluten free.

Hain's rep also said that they currently do not use barley enzyme with their Dream line of non-dairy drinks. The young man didn't have information on when this changed from the previous process.

If anyone has conflicting information, please let me know. The gentleman I spoke to had the strangest way of speaking about this one question. I asked about barley in processing, coming into contact with the ingredients, etc.... And his response was always very slow, very careful, and using language that was odd and didn't quite fit the questions. This could simply be the result of him reading what information he had, of course, but it was a complete shift from the diction and style of every other part of our conversation. It made me uncomfortable that something was being left unsaid unless I asked the right question, you know?

Or his boss was standing looking over his shoulder, LOL.

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