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New To Gluten Free Living

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Hi there! :)

I'm Monique and I've been gluten free for almost two weeks now. I have not been diagnosed or tested for Celiac disease, but the reason I decided to go gluten free is because as I have gotten older, eating wheat and most other grains gives me stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, and swelling of the abdomen. In my opinion, food should not make you feel sick like that. I figured, if it makes me feel this way, why would I eat it? It's clearly irritating my body and as such, I should treat it as an allergy and avoid it completely. The true test as to whether I had a sensitivity to gluten was going gluten free for a couple days, then trying to eat a grain that contained gluten. I ate gluten free for 3 or 4 days, (and felt great, might I add) then on the 5th day I tried HALF of a whole wheat tortilla. About an hour or so after consumption, I felt so sick and dizzy I could barely stand. This was even after taking an excellent quality total digestive enzyme pill. Clearly gluten does not agree with my body.

Anyhow, I was wondering if any of you had tips for those new to the gluten free diet! Especially becuase I'm heading off to university in a few days. Perhaps some coping advice in such an environment? So far, I'm actually enjoying what I eat. But the best thing about this diet, besides how I feel, is the fact that it causes me to eat less junk. When a medium gluten free pizza costs you $18, you want to eat it less. Same with bagels, sandwiches, waffles, cookies and crackers. It makes me turn to a plate of homemade vegetables, protein, or rice based dishes.

I was also curious to get some opinions on if I'm making the right call here. As I've explained, I have not been clinically tested for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. I was simply listening to my body when I made this decision. Thanks for your time :)

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1. you need to get tested.

2. please.

3. try not to trivialize a gluten free diet as a guide to feeling better, being healthier, and losing wieght. It's extremely serious.

4. take a gluten free fiber supplement to replace the insoluble fiber you're losing from not eating whole grains. a lack of fiber will also cause you stomach pain.

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I wasn't diagnosed either.

Whether you get tested or not is really up to you.

I was sick and dizzy for 7 years and tried to get a diagnosis.

When I read about Celiac...I just knew it was right for me. Within 2 weeks I knew I was right.

So there was NO WAY I was going to go back on gluten to get tested.

I got extremely ill from cross contamination or trace gluten.

There are many, many here who do not have the official diagnosis...because they listened to their body.

You are doing the right thing by giving up gluten.

It is entirely up to you if you test or not.

Some people go back on gluten to test and remain sick and dizzy for 3 months only to find they test negative and yet they cannot consume gluten without getting sick.

I agree with the above poster...that this is very serious...and I congratulate you for figuring it out and listening to your body.

My best advice is Protein...it helps you heal...eat as much as you can.

If you decide not to get tested and just stay gluten free, you can get your vitamin levels checked to be sure you are absorbing what you need or so you can supplement. The vitamins that Celiacs are often deficient in are A,B,C,D,E,K, iron, calcium Magnesium, Zinc and B 12.

Best of luck to you.

College is difficult but more and more people are gluten intolerant/Celiac and do find a way to manage. If you did test positive you may qualify for special accomodations through disability. But lots of people don't test positive and they still eat gluten free.

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