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Cadburys Chocolate And Ben And Jerrys Frozen Yoghurt

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Im wondering about cadburys chocolate. on the cadbury website it has a whole list of chocolate that is gluten and wheat free. even their easter eggs. but normal cadburys dairy milk bars say they contain wheat and gluten. surly they are the same thing? i looked at the ingredients and the only threatening thing i could see are emulsifiers. but i have wheat and gluten free chocolate which containd the same emulsifiers so...

also cadburys say that creme eggs and mini eggs are both wheat and gluten free.

has anyone had these things and been fine?

also i have some ben and jerrys frozen yoghurt (cherry garcia)apparently its gluten free? is this true? and is it completley celiac friendly?

sorry about the length i REALLY new to this so i have many questions :D

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