Hello!! I am 2 months into the Gluten Free lifestyle, diagnosed with Celiac Disease in July 2011. During the time of my testing and various doctor appointments, they would routinely check my temperature and I would be running a low-grade fever! They would ask me if I was fighting a cold or feeling sick, but it was always a shock to me as I never suspected a fever. My hands and feet are usually on the cold side, but my head is hot. LOL Does anyone else go through this? I never knew I ran a low grade fever but it has happened more than twice when I have been at the doctor for other reasons. I am wondering if this is related to Celiac Disease. I feel frustrated with so many unanswered questions going on with me. My son's bloodwork for celiac recently came back as a "weak positive". I am hoping to find a good doctor that is familiar with Celiac Disease in children. My son doesn't have any symptoms except bloating and gas which he has learned to live with. I just want to make the right decisions in moving forward and I don't want to ignore anything that could be serious. When I received his bloodwork results, the nurse merely suggested I could try him on a gluten free diet for a while. I am thinking a weak positive still means positive! Thanks for listening. This community has been so encouraging and helpful. I have felt MUCH better since being gluten-free, but the idea of Celiac Disease being an auto immune disorder is scary when you think about the ramifications it can have down the road. Any comments or thoughts on this would be appreciated!