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I just want to put some positivity out there today.

Last weekend we went to an end of summer BBQ potluck. The people hosting it have been truly gluten-free for over a year and are into whole foods and GAPS (though not as careful with GAPS as we are).

Jupiter was a little bummed about going to a BBQ at first, he said "there'll probably be gluten everywhere." He was surprised when I said it would be mostly gluten-free and GAPS-legal.

I was still worried because not all the dishes were gluten-free since it was a potluck. Also, I never truly trust someone else's kitchen. But we decided it was the safest place to try having the food.

We made sure our son got served right away, and only ate the dishes that were prepared by our host and which she specifically told us all the ingredients of. At one point a kid offered him a dish of something and I overheard him say (very assertively) "I have celiac disease and that has gluten. If I eat it I will get very sick!"

AND he didn't get sick! He didn't get bone, joint, or muscle pain! He could still read, do his math, and piano today!

We're super lucky to have some truly gluten-free friends, and it was SO nice to go to someone's house and say yes to something that was offered. It has been a long time since we've done that, and it felt really good!

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I also have a friend who has invited us for a BBQ cookout and another time a BBQ pool birthday party. Both times they were 95% Gluten free. which according to her was pretty easy. Fruit salads, veggie platters some chips and salsa/dips etc..

The only thing non gluten free was the grill ( aluminum foil for our gluten-free hot dogs or hamburgers no problem) and the buns, We brought our own. I might add my family has not even come close to this as they love their pasta's and noodle slaw etc.. desserts.

It's good to have at least a friend or two who understands.

I also have a friend who has 1 daughter w/ pnut/nut allergies, her other girl is pnut/nut , soy, dairy and poss wheat, a third child of undetermined as he is only 2. SHE knows the need to be careful we often throw pity/anger parties together. :)

I finally got up the nerve to ask our DD's teacher this year to not allow birthday party foods in class. Guess what, she was happy to comply less worries for her she said. Another non-worry to check off.

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