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Gluten Free Labels And Warnings Etc...

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Hi - I was just looking at the Gluten Free Mall on this site, and was thinking about getting Shiloh Farms gluten free Almond flour. As I read more about the product it said it was packaged with equipment that handles wheat. Doesn't this make it not really gluten free then? I have been avoiding all things packaged or processed where wheat is also processed, but then to see this on the gluten-free mall site, made me second guess this.

Can someone help me out with this, not sure if this is ok or not for someone with celiac.


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This is what it says on the website. This would worry me a bit because its the same equipment not just the same building. Maybe write or call them & find out what thier processes are? Post it here. They might be Ok for most of us. I would want to know what the cleaning processes are.

This product was packaged using equipment that also handles wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

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One of the big questions would be: do they test for gluten?

And if they do, do they test every batch?

If they test every batch, then they may have good enough cleaning protocols in place that they generally have a fairly safe product, and the testing would ensure that a contaminated batch doesn't slip through.

If they don't test every batch, a contaminated batch could slip through.

That said, some celiacs really can't tolerate pretty much all food processed on the same equipment with wheat. Some celiacs in my family can, some can't - we'll all eat the same food at the same time and only some of us will get a gluten reaction, so I truly believe that there are different sensitivity levels.

If someone is starting out, IMO it's best to start out avoiding all food processed with wheat until they are healed up, and then they can start experimenting a bit more to see where their own personal tolerance lies, you know what I mean? Better to heal quick with a more limited diet and expand later, I guess is how I approached it.

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