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Celiac And Dental Problems

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Hi fellow Celiacs,

I hope someone can shed light on my situation. I am diagnosed as of Dec. '08 and have run into struggles

in the area I live. I live in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, I visited a dentist 2 days ago to have a

molar prepped for a crown. Well yesterday I started experiencing gastro-symptoms and severe fatigue.

I went back to the dentist to adjust the temporary crown and made him aware of my symptoms. He swears he

did not use anything that contains gluten so he told me to do my research and let him know what I consider safe.

I have been trying to pinpoint what is the contaminant. I don't know if it was numbing meds. or the cement used

to attached the temporary.

I'm going back in 10 days to get the permanent crown mounted and really am scared since I don't know what

is safe.

I hope to get my hands on some info. or a list of some sort to make this not become a nightmare.

Guys, please help.

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Your dentists office should really be doing the checking but... Most of what they use is going to be safe but from what my dentist said the flavorings can be an issue in the numbing gel they use before the injections and in the tooth polish. Since you have a few days before the appointment call the office and get the contact numbers of the stuff he is using on you and try calling yourself. Some companies will only give info to the office so if you run into that problem call the dentist back and let them know so they can check.

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