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Mcdonald's Hot Chocolate

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Mcdonalds has a hot chocolate? Yum! I will have to check it out in Australia. Maccas is wonderful for it's gluten-free stuff. I have gone off hot chocs since becoming Coeliac because so many of them have gluten in them and it is annoying to have to ask to see the packaging.

May 2010 Diagnosed coeliac via biopsy - on gluten-free diet, now not anaemic

March 2010 Still Anaemic and very fatigued, abdominal pain still (Drs had thought it was related to abdom operation)

May 2009 Anaemic - had abdominal surgery; hysterectomy to remove large fibroid

March 2009 Vestibular neuritus (not sure if related but who knows!)

November 2008 Depression (still on meds - working well)

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