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I received this email from the company of Licor 43 (in Spain) yesterday after I had sent in a question regarding whether or not the liquor was gluten free and ALAS it is:

Dear Chelsea,

Thanks for visiting our web site.

Regarding your question, we can inform that Licor 43 is gluten free.

Best Regards,


export /Licor 43

SIDENOTE: Rose's lime juice is also gluten free so Key Lime Martinis are a delicious gluten free drink!

In case you are interested: (6 secs) vanilla vodka, (4 secs) licor 43, (3 secs) roses lime juice and (6 secs) milk. (with a crushed graham cracker rim to top it off)

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LOVE that stuff. Here's another yummy recipe.

Lemon Meringue Martini

Equal parts:




splash of pineapple juice

Shake it up and pour. YUMMM!!!

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