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Scott Adams

Gluten-Free: Fad or Foe? - Natural Products Marketplace (blog)

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Gluten-Free: Fad or Foe?

Natural Products Marketplace (blog)

Sure this growth is great for those with celiac disease, giving them many more options to choose from so their diet doesn't have to be devoid of all carb-based meals such as pizza, pasta and sandwiches. It's also great because it's reopening the ...

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That was not a good write up of celiac disease's intricacies of problems with avoiding gluten, altho the beginning premise was supposedly to say that the over the counter supplements to allow gluten to be eaten were useless, which is true, the rest of the article, based on another piece fr the LA Times, was full of bad info and false assumptions. It was another one of those snotty opinion pieces bordering on foodie trolling, saying that gluten free is over hyped and unnecessary in many cases.

To add insult to injury, I tried leaving a detailed, factual rebuttal comment under it since I can use that commenting system, and it rejected it after I had submitted it, saying "all comments pending moderation" and it has never shown up - this when the last sentence asks for your thoughts.

Since the link re- direct first goes to an ad for the Natural Marketplace, then redirects to the article, then doesn't take comments, it seems like they were just trying to be provocative and then "fishing" for information.

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