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I'm posting here since there are lots of health conscious folks on the forum. There is a petition at Whitehouse.gov up to reconsider water fluoridation. So many of us gluten intolerant folks have thyroid trouble we really shouldn't be drinking a thyroid poison in our water! If you are a US citizen, please join me in signing this White House petition.


If you aren't familiar with the water fluoridation issue, the Flouride Action Network has an extensive information website. There was also a major safety review by the National Research Council in 2006, which concluded that fluoride is dangerous for some subgroups of people. http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=11571 Drinking water is delivered to everyone, so infants, elderly, people with kidney disease, and people with endocrine problems cannot avoid the fluoride. The practice is discriminatory, since low-income people, who are disproportionately minorities, often have no access to fluoride-free water for infant formula.

Fluoride is very difficult to remove, requiring distillation, reverse osmosis, or specialty filter cartridges. Common filters like Pur and Brita do not remove fluoride from water. Because fluoride is in the public water supply and not easily removed by standard filtration, it is in your food, in bottled soft drinks and juices, in the Starbuck's coffee you buy around the corner, and it's building up in the nation's soils as we water crops with fluoridated water.

There is no demonstrated benefit of water fluoridation in tooth decay. Industrialized countries who do not fluoridate water but have fluoride toothpaste widely available have seen a similar drop in dental caries since the 1950s as the US. In other words, toothpaste is plenty of fluoride for kids' teeth. In addition, countries that do not fluoridate water don't have the high prevalence of tooth enamel defects that are seen in the US from overexposure to fluoride. If anything, we are hurting our children's teeth rather than helping.

Even worse, the fluorosilicic acid used in water is an industrial waste from fertilizer production. It is NOT the naturally occurring form of fluoride present in some mineral waters and it has never been studied for safety. It is often contaminated with heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic. Water fluoridation allows fertilizer companies and mines to sell this extremely hazardous waste as "beneficial" and they are happily disposing of it 1 ppm at a time all over the country in municipal water.

I'm fighting hard because my Hashimoto's got far, far worse when I moved to an area with fluoridated water. I hope some of you will take a moment to read some of the information on fluoride and join me in signing the petition.

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