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Log Cabin Syrups Are Gluten Free Except The Sugar Free Syrup

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I emailed Pinnacle Foods today in regards to their Log Cabin Maple Syrups. All are gluten free EXCEPT SUGAR FREE. I am posting this because when I did a search earlier, I found some much older posts on Celiac.com stating that they were not gluten free.

This was there response.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Log Cabin Syrup. We genuinely appreciate your time and loyalty to our brand.

There is no gluten in the Log Cabin Butter Flavored Syrup, in Log Cabin Original and Log Cabin Lite. Log Cabin Country Kitchen syrups are also gluten free.

The caramel color used in LC Original syrup does not contain any gluten ingredients; product is 100% caramel color. There is no Barley in the Caramel Color of the Log Cabin syrups. Our caramel color suppliers do not use wheat or gluten as source material.

There is a flavor in the Sugar-Free Syrups that does contain barley, so the Log Cabin Sugar-Free syrups are not considered to be gluten-free. There was a formulation change in 2010 so older bottles do not list barley in the ingredient panel.

Our supplier has confirmed that the Rice Syrup used for the 100% Natural Log Cabin Syrup does not contain - nor is it processed using anything that contains gluten. Any gluten-containing materials are segregated from the non-gluten containing Rice Syrup.

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We use the Log Cabin All natural table syrup and like it.

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