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Going For Bloodwork Monday

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My LO who has been struggling with failure to thrive goes Monday for her bloodwork after her gluten challenge. I took her off gluten 5 months ago. She was a different baby. The GI doc has had her back on gluten for the last 2 months and she is miserable. She had 6 bms initially and then seemed ok (she was irritable, though). Two weeks ago she started having horrendous bms and now she isn't sleeping well at night. Her weight % is the lowest it has ever been (3rd% at ped office on Friday). I am just praying that she has positive testing on Monday and we can do the endo and put this all behind us. I want to know for certain so that we can just move on. It is so stressful and I am so tired of torturing her. It is going to be a long week awaiting her testing. So, now I have to figure out how to get a ton of gluten in her in the next few days to get positive test results :(

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