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Dpp 4 And Non-Gi Symptoms

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i was just diagnosed with celiac about a month ago. I've been gluten-free the whole time, with the exception of a couple accidental incidents. I've heard about DPP-4 and the use of other enzymes to deal with an accidental glutening. It seems that most people using them have strong gi-effects when they have gluten. I never really experienced terrible gi symptoms with gluten (usually occured, but never debilitating). The worst symptoms were the body aches, bloating, swelling and extreme exhuastion. Do the enzymes work for those kinds of symptoms too? Can they be taken hours after or the next day after or will they not be effective then?

Any info or other suggestions would be great- thanks!

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Save your money. DPP4 is the worst sort of snake oil. It does NOT detoxify gluten. The enzymes in clinical trials are different ones.

People who think it works are either experiencing a placebo effect or getting some general benefit from all the digestive enzymes these sorts of preparations usually have.

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