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Suave's Products That Have Tocopheryl Acetate

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Has anyone talked to Suave about whether their Tocopheryl Acetate is soy or wheat based? Also, I bought a few products from Neutrogena that were on a "safe List" on this forum but when I got them home I saw the Tocopheryl ingredient also. I emailed Neutrogena and they responded with the generic "Ask your doctor if you can use this" response. You know, the your not going to sue me response that commits to nothing. I am thinking that since they were on the safe list that they were checked already? I am very new at this and I am extremely stress, confused and ready to just freak with the contradictions. Uggg help please!!


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This is from their website:

You asked: Do your products contain gluten?

Answer: Products with any wheat, rye, barley or oat-derived materials are labeled with the names of those derivatives.

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