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Hello everybody

I have just been diagnosed as possibly allergic to gluten/wheat and dairy products, and have only been on a diet for a few days and feeling not too bad except for waking during the night with Hypoglycaemia I have just joined and only read a few posts so far. I suppose it does get mentioned on this forum about Hypoglycaemia, but thought I should mention it to help people, and I quote from the excellent uk site drmyhill.co.uk

Getting Worse on the Diet

This is almost to be expected. The reasons for worsening are as follows:

Hypoglycaemia - this is the commonest reason for worsening and may take weeks to settle. There are some nutritional interventions which help greatly (see Hypoglycaemia)

Hypoglycaemia, also nocturnal hypoglycaemia, is when you wake in the night with palpitations due to your system excreting adrenaline in order to raise your blood sugar level. This can apparently happen until your liver eventually takes control over your blood sugar levels. Here is a link to explain it fully and possible ways to counteract it: My link

Treatment of Hypoglycaemia is on this page where Dr Myhill recommends two supplements: My link

Also, I don't think it's a good idea to be giving up caffeine in conjunction with starting a new diet, thank god I give up caffeine nearly a year ago as I had some serious withdrawal symptoms with that alone !

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