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Sea World

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We went yesterday with My family that was in town. The first place we went was a bakery. They had a rack of allergen free food! They had packs. The one I got was the bigger one(9.00) and it had 2 cookies, ( all brand name stuff) a fruit bar ( was delicious!) a sunflower nut bar, candies, and dried apples. Well worth the money. I stuck it in the stroller so I could munch.

I called ahead, and asked if in could bring in my own food. They said no, but they take food allergies very seriously. I was told I need to go to where I want to eat 1 hour prior and let them know I would be eating there so they could wipe the line down. The first place I went seemed like they couldnt be bothered with my request of what was safe.

The second place wouldn't let me speak to a manager before I got in line. I ended up waiting in line for 30 minutes before I was able to ask for a manager. He did t seem confident in what he was telling me. He said all the meat and BBQ was safe. I had to get back in line and wait another 35 minutes. Ugh I ended up with a chicken Cesar salad that I watched them make fresh. I didn't trust the BBQ even though they said it was "safe".

What I learned- smuggle my own food in. It's better for piece of mind.

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I did NOT have good luck at Sea World. ....although I'm interested to know what bakery you're talking about.

I always bring food with me... even if it has to be smuggled =) But, I also got a doctor's note which I carry when going to airports or other places where they might not let me bring food. I can almost always bring it in by telling them I have a medical diet... Actually can't think of a time/place I've been turned away (other than a jerk at the airport that eventually let me bring the stuff with me anyway)

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