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gluten-free Oat Flour Flax Bread

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Ok, inspired by This topic here originally posted by MerrillC1977 I did some tweaking and came up with a very lovely "artisan" type bread that I'm quite proud of :) This is great if you can tolerate oats, which have not been a problem for me. (I've been gluten-free since Dec. 2009) I bought Bob's Red Mill gluten-free oats, and ground them myself in a coffee grinder to make flour. It's sooooooooo much less expensive that way! It was $6.99 for nearly a kilo of oats, and it made enough flour that I can make quite a lot of bread!


* 1 Tbsp. yeast

* 1 Tbsp. Sugar (I used coconut sugar)

* 1

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