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Gallbladder, Gallstones, And Celiacs

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Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed just this year in February with Celiacs at age 20, and kept feeling sick (but better on some days which was how I knew the gluten free treatment was working). I started to get different pains then I was used to, like a gnawing hunger pain that felt like an ulcer, and stomach cramping and diarhea. I dealt with that for almost 5 months until I got sharp pains under my right rib that shot through to my shoulder. Went and got an ultrasound done and it turned out that I had a couple gallstones about a centimeter each. They did surgery on my birthday in July and found that my gallbladder was in worse shape then they thought since it had scarring all over. They suspect that I've been havin gallbladder attacks for years but dint notice.

I'm only 125lbs, and had a relatively low fat diet growing up. I started thinking it was from Celiacs (as it turns out many of my life's problems were) and got to looking into it. There's a few articles coming out now saying that doctors suspect that up to 80% of gallstones and gallbladder malfunction is caused by Celiacs.

Did anybody else hear about this? Or have gallstones or gallbladder problems?

Thanks guys!

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