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Follow Up Appt. With The Doc.

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Its been 2 1/2 weeks since my biopse and was told to schedule a follow up appointment with the digestive specialest. Fist of all, is it important I do this? Is there additional important information that he is going to provide me with to make it worth my co-pay? When I do go, I'm not even sure what to inquire about. If anyone knows of any questions or additional testing that should be done, please let me know.

After this follow up, I'm going to search out new doctors, primary care and a digestive doc in the Phoenix area. Please recommend if you know of any.

Good news is, after going gluten/dairy free, my ill-symptons cleared up in just a few days. When I do have a bad reaction to something, it only been affecting me in the morning before I leave to work, and the rest of the day is ok, so far.

Any info provided is appreciated.

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Were blood panels drawn to test your vitamin/mineral levels? If yes, get copies of the results so you can track your levels and see if you need to suppliment. If the tests weren't done..ask for them to be.

Ask for a copy of the biopsy report. How bad is your damage? Should you be taking digestive enzymes or probiotics?

Ask for a written RX to be on a strict gluten free diet. Have it state that you can't eat wheat, rye, or barley ingredients OR any foods that might have come in contact with them. This could be useful if you are going to a public venue and have to bring your own "safe" food.

Make a list of any questions you have so you don't forget them.

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