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Blood Pressure Medication

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I tested positive for Celiac 5 weeks ago and started researching my medications just in case the Endoscopy confirmed it. It was confirmed last Tuesday and Wednesday I went to my GP Dr. My major concern was one of my BP meds, it contains a Pregelatinized Starch. I checked w/ the Pharmaceutical Co. and they said since last tested in March 2011 it contains Polysorbate 80 and has a gluten in it. The GP and Gastro Dr decided I should stay on it till my blood is rechecked in 8 weeks (I have allergies to 3 other BP meds). They felt the risk too high for me to start changing medication @ this time.

From what I have read @ Chicago Celiac Disease Center is appears Bystolic is safe! Just need feed back from anyone is they have had a similar situation with medication.

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It seems to be a cc risk. A great site to check for gluten free meds is:


It says that Bystolic 'may contain wheat.'

Sadly, meds and foods can change their ingredients/formulas very rapidly, so sometimes lists aren't up to date. Always good to double check with the product, like you did, and usually we can assume its information is more up to date than that from a list.


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It is often very difficult to determine whether medications contain gluten, because drug manufacturers source ingredients from many sources, and often those sources do not label their products as being gluten free This happens more frequently with generics which your insurance company wants you to use becuse it costs them less. Sometimes it is worth paying more for the brand name because you can be sure of its contents :(


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Since I am allergic to several BP medications I only use 2 non-generic meds. I went to an allergist 18 months ago and was told they didn't do inert testing. Now I only use brand name meds. When I checked on Bystolic w/ Forest Pharmaceutical they told me it contains the poly 80 (which is wheat, corn,etc.) They cannot guarantee which ingredient it is.

I appreciate your responses and knowledge, it stinks that Pharmaceutical Co. controls some of our lives.

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