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Follow Up Appointment Soon - What Labs Should I Request?

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Hi Folks,

Are there any labs that are typically done around the 6th month check-up point? Does it depend on my list of complaints/symptoms or is it standard practice to check healing progress with blood work and/or another endoscopy?

Guess I want to keep my doctor in check ;) Seems to me that you all are much more knowledgeable about this disease than my PCP is.

The only thing I can think of to request is a B12 level check - this because (I think) I'm symptomatic of a deficiency in that area.

I looked at my medical records and saw no sign of an IgA or IgG lab - though I was told that my Celiac was confirmed by this test back in late February.

Thanks for any input!

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Yes, all vitamins, especial D, Folic Acid, and B12. You should also get your ferritin level checked as well as thyroid.

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