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Evolving Symptoms

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I've been gluten free now since early May and have noticed that when I do get glutened, I'm no longer sick for a week or so, I seem to shrug it off in 3-4 days, but when my symptoms appear, they are DRAMATICALLY worse.

Take last night at dinner, for example, I ate some Cheetos, which had never made me react before, but around 1am I woke up nauseous, with stomach pain, and a severe urge to have a BM (I never get D or C from gluten, and I've never ever vomited either, rather I just get nauseous and at most have dry heaves). I stayed up for about an hour, sipping soda and eating some almonds to calm my stomach again, and fell asleep. Now I'm sitting at work with body aches, which I also get from gluten.

All my symptoms seem worse, and to appear faster, which I'm guessing is good in a way, as it probably means I'm starting to heal and becoming even more sensitive? Just a guess on my part.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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That's totally normal. Once you go gluten free you get far more sensitive to gluten, or maybe you just notice it more because you were sick all the time before. At any rate, it happens to most of us. A few crumbs and I'm sick as a dog.

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