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Helpful Dietician?

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I saw a dietician recommended by my gastroenterologist and was surprised she had carmel color on her list of things to avoid. I noticed quite a bit of debate online about carmel color and that FDA doesn't approve of carmel color made with gluten-containing ingredients, so we should be safe in America. However, there's no doubt that my throat swells whenever I eat ANYthing with carmel color, so I reolved to think I simply have multiple food issues or I need a better immune system. The dietician suggested I'm extremely sensitive to gluten.

Either she's off her dietary game or there's more to the caramel color story than there appears to be.

The dietician didn't know about fiber-containing foods known to be good replacemements on a gluten-free diet, such as flours made from lentils, plantains, and other grains, legumes, etc. that are more well-known to Asian and African ethnic groups. I think it's great to read so much about rice and corn products, but there's a lot more out there for us to choose from.

I asked about whether there is a blood test for all kinds of nutritional deficiencies. We've only identified Vit D so far, that I've fixed. Iron is currently ok, but I've had an up and down relationship with iron. She seems to think these are the only ones I have to worry about, besides protein. However, I could have sworn I've heard about other people getting some kind of test to judge how well their body absorbs and uses all kinds of nutrients. Also, if I've been low in one fat soluble vitamin, wouldn't I need to be concerned about other fat soluble vitamins? I don't want to take Vit E supplements unless I know for sure I need them.

Celiac & Mastocytosis

Follows a diet similar to the Paleo diet, minus high-histamine items such as

avocadoes, mangoes, papaya, berries, pork, farm-raised fish, spinach, and seeds.

No eggs or red meat either.


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