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Reaction / Symptoms/signs: Iodine Vs Gluten

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I have been monitoring my possible reactions to iodine/salt vs gluten (cc, bathroom, food etc) exposure. Having trouble discriminating possible causes and problems. :blink: Can you give me any insight into what type of reaction you have to particular exposure? Iodine vs gluten? skin products vs CC intake?

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Great question. That's the kind of basic research we need. My hunch is that there is only one response for each person regardless of the nature of gluten intake or iodine intake, but that it varies a lot between individuals. But only research and people's anecdotes will confirm that.

I'm afraid I can't help much. I only get one type of response, though this has evolved a little over time. Each flare is the same. The lesions I get now aren't quite as angry and weeping as they once were, but on the other hand they itch continuously, rather than being worst in the evening.

Once they covered my elbows, forearms and shins with the all the very typical characteristics. Now they are limited to a dozen lesions. If I have a flare they start itching intensely, develop a hard raised core, the 'scab' deteriorates, it has a thin bloody fluid, the skin around become an angry red or purple.

They gradually abate over a week or two, if I'm lucky. If I had any idea what immediate causes of these flares were, I would be done with this curse in short order.

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