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bonnie blue

Never Let Anyone Tell You This Isn't Serious

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Oh so glad to hear you caught it early.

Kick that cancer's butt, hon. Stomp it flat.


Gluten free since August 10, 2009.
21 years with undiagnosed Celiac Disease

23 years with undiagnosed sulfite sensitivity

25 years with undiagnosed mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) 


Daughter: celiac and MCAD positive

Son: gluten intolerant
Father, brother: celiac positive

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Glad to hear it's only in early stages! Glad to hear your dr wants u to get a port (it makes the chemo easier~saves your veins!) Kick that adenoma to the curb! Keep us updated~

"They're my villi, and I need them NOW!"

Positive Biopsy- 08/11

Slightly positive tTG only- 06/11

Negative blood panel- 11/05

Diagnosed with IBS- 1981

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My Nan's name was Bonnie :) I wish you well and lots of "good" Bonnie.

"The name Bonnie has two meanings:

1. It is derived from the Scottish word "bonnie" meaning "pretty, attractive". The Scottish word is derived from French "bon, bonne" meaning "good".

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I've been thinking about you a lot since I read your post and I'm so glad that you've had such positive news. Good luck to you xx

Self diagnosed but confirmed by biopsy

Gluten free Jan 2010

MSG free Jan 2010

Corn free Apr 2010

Soy free Jun 2010

Following a FODMAPS plan

Also have RSI, widespread myofascial pain and hypermobility problems

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wow Bonnie, it sounds like a rough road ahead! I had no idea they could build a stomach out of intestines :unsure:

Best healing thoughts and prayers to you, and wishes for a speedy recovery. {{{hugs}}}

and if I were you, I'd think about suing the doctors that told you it's all in your head. Had they taken you seriously, it's possible there would have been less damage and you may not have had to have your entire stomach removed. :blink: At the very least, send them a copy of your dx, and tell them to be more diligent in future so the same doesn't happen to someone else :(

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Wonderful news that it's in the early stages and there is treatment for you. You advocated for yourself and got answers quickly.

You can beat this. Cancer is treatable these days.

Do everything you can to support yourself nutritionally too. I started juicing lots of green veggies and then adding apples, carrots and oranges to flavor it up. It is helping me a lot.

Hang in there and keep posting when you need us.

Just a reminder- Juice your greens yourself...the greendrinks in the stores(even the healthy ones) have gluten in them...their one of the few health drinks that do!

Hang in there! :D(naked juice, green machine,,ect.,ect.)


Diagnosed 8/3/11

Celiacs/casein sensitive/lactose intolerent

Favorite quotes-

"I know you think you understand what you thought I said,

But I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!!!"-anonyamous

"you can lead a donkey to the river...but if you want him to drink...

you have to throw him in" -(21 yr.old son)

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