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Kids' Science Project


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  1. 1. What were your primary presenting symptoms at what you view as the onset of your illness?

    • Psychiatric. i.e. depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis or schizephrenia
    • Digestive issues i.e. GERD, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, bloating
    • Neurological i.e. headaches, visual disturbances, brain fog, lesions, ataxia, movement disorders
    • Other autoimmune disease
    • Muscular i.e. spasms, heart disease, arrythmias, muscle twitching or fasciculations, muscle wasting
    • Cancer
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      Reproductive issues i.e. infertility, miscarriages, cysts, hormonal problems, PMS/PMDD/painful menstrual cycles
    • Sleep disturbances and/or Fatigue
    • Other-please list
    • Nutritional Deficiencies
  2. 2. How long did you seek medical care before gluten was recognized as the culprit?

  3. 3. Who made you aware that gluten was the culprit for your or your loved ones medical problems?

    • Self-research
    • Physician
    • Friend or family member
    • Other - please list

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