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Curly Hair Styler

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Good morning everyone!

I was very hesitant to get rid of all my gluten containing hair products (which took me years to find the right mix). I gave most of my products to my friend and I tried ShiKai Curl defining spray and bumble and bumble curl defining cream (which are both great), but the best/cheapest styler so far has been flax seed hair gel mixed with shea butter and olive oil. My hair is soft, conditioned and without frizz! No crunchies!

I combined a few recipes I saw on naturallycurly.com to make it work for my curls (more shea=heavier cream).

I boiled 2 cups of water with 1/4 cup of flax seeds to make the gel. After straining the seeds, I added about a TBSP of olive oil and 2 tsp to a TBSP shea butter (gel is still hot so it will melt the shea) and whisked the mixture until combined. Then I put it in a container and that's it!

SUPER CHEAP and the best part...no alcohol or other ingredients that may damage my hair.

I'm also going to start making lotion at home. I'm just waiting for the ingredients to arrive :) FUN!

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This sounds interesting. If I decide to try it I will get my boys to help me experiment!

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