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Finally Got A Vitamix!

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Aside from smoothies, what are you favorite recipes for the Vitamix that you've made gluten free? Soups, breads, etc. I recall a lady in my CA support group bringing in a wonderful pumpkin bread she made in her 18 year-old Vitamix, but the recipe isn't in the Vitamix recipe book...??

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It was so exciting to get my Vitamix! I hope you have fun with it. I use my Vitamix in place of a blender or a food processor (which I don't have). It has a lot of functionality that I try to take advantage of. Even so, I was looking through the booklet just now, and I totally forgot that it can grate cheese and that it can make peanut butter. I do make juices quite a bit, but I strain them (the Vitamix booklet suggests leaving the 'fiber'). Also, a big deal if you're lactose intolerant - we make nut milks all the time with it. Nut milk is just nuts plus water and blast them on high in the machine (recipes are included in the book).

But besides all that - recipes! The recipes in the Vitamix book are generally quite good (I was surprised by this for some reason). Looking through them just now, I'm realizing how many I haven't even touched - after a year with the Vitamix - so those can keep you busy. There are also recipes online. Try http://vitamix.ahoy.com/recipe/recipe_search.cgi.

I make soup all the time using the Vitamix. It's fast and easy. From the book, I really like the Carrot Ginger Tofu Soup, the Acorn Squash Soup, and the Thai Pumpkin Soup, but you can make any puree (a nice one is Leek Potato which a standard recipe book will have, and also Beet which you can also find a recipe for easily). I've made the gazpacho from the book - and it's ok - but I pretty much make up my own recipe instead. I would avoid the Vitamix book's recipe for dal, but you can make dal using it, if you're so inclined.

Sometimes, the Vitamix recipes favor quickness over complexity of taste, which is often what you want if you're making a weekday dinner; but other times you may have more time and choose something more complicated. For example, a squash puree soup where all the ingredients go straight into the Vitamix works & tastes good, but it's better if you simmer the cooked squash in a stove pot with onions and carrots and then puree. Obviously, the second option takes longer and is more work (but not so much, really).

The Vitamix is really good for sauces of all kinds. I use it to make garlic sauce for stirfrys. It's also good for spreads. I have made the hummus and the guacamole recipes from the book; they're ok, easy & quick but not the greatest. I make hummus using a "Joy of Cooking" recipe. I just add stuff to the Vitamix guac to make it more interesting (garlic, jalapenos, etc.). Another thing I make all the time with the Vitamix is pesto of all kinds. I notice they have pesto recipes in the book, and they look standard. You can find all kinds of pesto recipes online.

I don't make bread with it. If someone posts a good recipe, I would love to try it. None of the recipes in the book are gluten-free. But I do make pancakes, substituting gluten-free flour for a basic pancake recipe.

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