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Meal Frequency & Gallstones

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Hi guys, I was just diagnose with celiac about a month ago. Before that, I have had gallstones for at least 8 years and a one week stay in hospital 18 months ago. I don't want to go under the knife, but I'm still afraid to eat normally.

I have been reading about different meals strategy i.e. 3 squares a day, 6 mini-meals, 3 squares plus 3 snacks etc... I know that my digestive capabilities are not optimal and I am probably suffering from food malabsorption. In traditional chinese medicine, the practitioners advise their patients to avoid snacking completely. The thought process is that the gallbladder needs to fill up between meals before it can empty himself. Thus, they suggest waiting a minimum of 5 hours between meals to avoid a gallbladder attack.

So, if any of you have experienced different meal frequency and the subsequent results, I would be glad if you could enlight me.

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