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Withdrawal Effect And What To Expect When Starting Gluten Free Diet

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My son (4 yrs) had biopsies taken on Wednesday, His blood samples have shown no antibodies but he is DQ2 positive, and has several GI issues which also affects his behavior. We started gluten free diet on Thursday, and I am wondering what to expect (if he really has celiac disease or gluten intolerance).

What has happened so far is that after he woke up the next day (today) he had tremendous stomach pain / cramps. Really bad, on his very worse. In addition he vomited for several hours (like 15 times). Altogether it lasted for like six hours. This could of course be a convincidence, but I also started to think about withdrawal effects that I have read about (e.g. in this forum). However, this effect is not totally clear to me:

- Can the withdrawal effect start as soon as 24 h after starting a gluten-free diet?

- I have mostly, or maybe even only, read about this worsening effect regaring mental / neurological symptoms, but does it also involve GI symptoms?

- When can one expect to see improvement? On the GI symptoms and on the behavioral symptoms? Does it differ?

I am trying to get an insight into what to expect of the response to gluten-free diet. Particularly so that we can keep the motivation to continue also if the biopsy results speaks against celiac disease. I will be gratefully for anyone wanting to share their experience!

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