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Unknowingly Ingesting Gluten

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I am 3 months post Celiac diagnosis and I've been so so so careful about everything, e.g. deep cleaned kitchen, new pots & pans, washing hands like a maniac, not eating out, taking probiotics, vetted all medicines, lotions, shampoos, etc. Then I find out today that the chicken I've been eating, plain old chicken bought at the grocery store, could very well have gluten in it?!?! I'm living in Poland right now and the food labeling has been really hit or miss so if I can't tell, I haven't been eating it but I assumed plain old chicken breasts from the butcher's counter would be ok. Apparently not. Asking the staff just gets blank looks...besides, I guess they don't share that they add all sorts of things to their meat products?!?!? This is all after the doctors told me it would be no problem to be gluten-free here if I just stuck to natural, whole foods that I prepared myself.

I found this out from one of my husband's co-workers whose daughter was gluten-free for a period of time. She was shocked when she found out I was eating it and is putting together a list of butchers I should visit. She's also trying to scout out any sources for organic meat. So there is a solution but...

I'm extremely pissed off. I feel in a way I've lost even more time to gluten...feeling tired, still having pain issues, etc. Of course, this could help explain why I'm still have pain issues, etc. though I am feeling better then pre-diagnosis.

Sorry, just had to vent. Cannot wait to move back to the United States in 8 months. Not that I'm counting. :rolleyes:

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Sorry. Hey, at least now you know. Better than thinking something else is wrong.

Hopefully, things improve.

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