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big red

Labeled gluten-free But Really Not

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I KNOW that I react to xanthan gum. It is another "starch, could be wheat". Regardless of where it comes from etc I know I react to xanthan gum. Full stop.

To be honest I no longer care what medical advice, regulations, laws, chemists, manufacturers, testing etc tells me. If I react I don't do it again. Much more simple and inexpensive.

Until the last few days I've been describing my restricted diet and household regime as "hard" but the more I experience my regime/routines and more I read stuff on here the more simple it appears and it is now a blessing. Simple is so easy. Add something and see/feel what happens. If something happens (bad) - avoid. If something happens (good) then eat/use more of it.

I am slowly but safely adding more options and variety to my diet and other habits and feeling good / safe about it too.

Xanthan gum is never derived from wheat. It is derived from sugars, with a specific bacteria added to cause fermentation. Many Celiacs, including myself, can be sensitive to gums but it has nothing to do with wheat gluten. It can cause the same reaction as a gluten hit but it is not.

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