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Milk Intolerance & Eating Gluten-Free

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Has anyone else who couldn't handle lactose have it now that you are gluten-free? For my whole life I couldn't until now and I love dairy now! :D

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I guess I was just the opposite...I never had a problem with lactose before but had to give it up when I went gluten-free. I really missed dairy products and used Lactaid milk (100% lactose-free). Then about after 9 months gluten-free, I started eating hard cheeses. I just bought regular milk and think I'm tolerating it. I'll test ice cream again soon by buying some Haagen Daz. :)

On the other hand my daughter, who was diagnosed in Aug. 2010, just gave up lactose as it started giving her problems.

I think we're all so different and unpredictable in the sensitivies we develop...or in your case, the opposite.

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