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Need Dectective Help

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Funny, I find myself at times being needlessly mean or rude to my boyfriend (I'm typically a very kind and even keeled person!) and wondering if its gluten or that time of the month haha. Its usually one or the other. Poor guy... And my periods are WAY WORSE than they ever were in accordance with my gluten issues, there must be some relation going on.

I agree with the stance on supplements, I believe in them (I believe the earth provided us with everything we need, I got a really bad staph infection once, was prescribed tons of antibiotics, which I believe led to my gluten intolerance, so frustrating but a whole 'nother topic, and nothing worked. You know what did work? GARLIC! well, stabilized allicin. a combo of modern medicine and naturopathy at its best... sorry tangent) but realized they were making me sick. You're right, the regulations just aren't in place for supplements (not that any regulations for regular food are working in keeping me safe from gluten either at this point). I'm just way too sensitive. Its a shame, I know herbs are a powerful health tool. I would like to find a vit D supplement, though, so i might try that brand, thank you. Nice disclaimer, by the way, I'm sure its frustrating when things are misconstrued, the problem with this black and white text way of communication. I find it frustrating when people on this site don't realize that people just might be more sensitive than them. And it seems everyone's defintion of sensitive is different. I got minorely glutened yesterday when I ate a peppermint labled gluten free with no questionable ingredients (I knew better but still did it). If its processed, I just can't do it. A healthier way to live anyway I suppose! Gotta play the glad game :)

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