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Poor And In Need Of Diagnosis

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I'm srry for my spelling and grammer... :unsure:

I am 23 have no source of income and have had this issue for 14+ yrs and getting worse. when i wake up every morning my stomic has stabbing pains andi am nauseous everymorning and have gas that smell worse then burn't rubber. depending on my mood it can last all day or about 12 to 1. it happens regardless of time if i take a nap for more then an hour it kicks in. i am constipated bad enough to go poo every 2 to 3 days or occationally 5+ days. solid dark brown fecal matter. diarea the rest of the time soft light brown if im going every day or so. use laxitives once every 2-3 weeks or so.(when i have money) my breath has always been baad.(currently my dental is horrifying but even when i hwas in good condition my breath was rank.) if i feel guilt(far to often) it gets worse. not dairy not meats. chocolate ceral was made by the devil(made me stop eating cerial since i was 8-11 yr old) frosted flakes n' oatmeal not make worse. im overweight by 50-70 pounds 6'2" tall and am going to attept a gluten free diat(no money live with family so i eat what they eat...)i produce alot of oil from my skin (close my hand at 40feinhiet and i sweat alot(terrible dandriff all over mey head)(crotch area bad too. (could be athletes foot idk...) hunger and pain are the same sensation cause me to guess when i should and shouldn't eat and pain releaves during eating somewhat.(i eat to much occationallly when 'm not thinking)

(Bloat like no other all the time(god amde gas x but its too much)

Diet: sandwitches: turkey, ham, italian salami with chease mostly microwaved. stoganov on rive, spegetti on noodles, hamberger helper,steak (burned and often :blink: ), miscellaneous from there...

dinnner biggest meal during day. feel bad in mornings even when i don't eat.

random thoughts

Not on any meds once so ever.

camping makes me more relaxe but still constipated

circulation gets cut off kinda easy.

bad hearing and eyesight

nervous about people in groups and being judged(makes the pain worse)(butterflys from other incounters not help much either)

(questions/suggestions email me) :)

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Hi and welcome to the board. Sounds like gluten-free might help you a lot since cereal makes you so ill. You do have to be pretty strict on the diet to get it to work. You can't do gluten-free halfway. Before you start the diet, check for a celiac center in your city. Some offer free testing but you have to be eating gluten for the tests to work.

Rice and potatoes are the cheapest way to go gluten-free. Have the ham or salami with rice, and put your pasta sauce on a potato. I think there's gluten-free hamburger helper. You don't mention fruit or vegetables. Having some fresh food will help the constipation and help you lose weight, and fruit and vegetables are naturally gluten-free.

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