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Do I Have Ms Too?

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Just wondering if anyone else has a hidden worry of MS? by hidden I mean, you have things going on in your body, but you went undiagnosed with celiac so long

and complained to your doctor only to be branded a worrier or hypochondriac.

So my ttg antibodies have been negative for quite a while, but new problems have arisen since my diagnosis in april 2010. My hip bursitis has almost gone away, but now I have persisten muscle pain in my right calf, espeicially after being at rest and then standing up to walk. My last visit to my celiac doc I showed her my muscle fasciculation in my right arm which had been going on for several months. She contacted a neurologist and he felt it was benign. I was having muscle twitching in my finger, eyelid, then it moved to my right tricep.

Went to pulmonary doc due to bouts of bronchitis and now I am on an inhaler for some type of asthma I can't remember. I also have reflux/hearburn every day.

now I have epiditimytis!! and the inflammation continues after 3 weeks on levaquin. could all of these problems be related to neuropathy of some kind? the after effects of 40 years of undiagnosed celiac? Do I now need to go to a neurologist? OY!!!

any input from the forum would be appreciated....

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